Submit Music

Here at Joyful Meditations we are always looking for quality Christ honoring music to add to our growing music library.  If you feel you have quality Christian music, or programming, that fits the format of our stations, please send us a copy.  We will evaluate your music and, if we agree it is Godly music that fits the format of our stations we will gladly ad it to our library and put you on the air.  Also, please indicate if CD's are available for sale as we would like to add it to our Christian Music store and make it available to our listeners.

When you submit music; please include a letter giving us permission to play your music on the air.  (Copyright royalties for songs you use that are not written or controlled by your are covered by our ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC airpplay licenses).  You could also help us control costs if you would be willing to donate your "performance royalties", those paid through Sound Exchange.  If so, please include this in your letter.

Send CDs to:

Joyful Meditations Ministries
4126 Vicksburg Drive
Lawrenceville, GA  30044

We reserve the right to reject any music if we feel it is inappropriate or otherwise does not fit with our standards or the format of these stations.